How to apply

Students wishing to participate at a Model ASEM should send their application form together with a copy of their resume to conference team of an upcoming simulation. Delegates to Model ASEM are drawn from an applicant pool of top university students from leading universities around the world, and participant selection will be based on general academic qualifications and merit .

After being selected for a delegate to Model ASEM participants will receive a confirmation email from the organisers and are then asked to complete an information package consisting of:

This information package should be around 1000 words, and should be send prior to the conference to the conference team before the simulation (see Research Guidelines under Resources). Each participant is also responsible for writing an opening statement of the country they will represent during the simulation (see Opening Statements under Resources). Participants do not have to send their opening statements prior to conference, but should be well prepared to give their opening statement at the first day of the official conference.